Gas Services

Domestic and Commercial Gas Safe Engineering


What do we do?



Gas Safe took over from Corgi as the trade body that regulates gas work in Northern Ireland 2010.

Any person wishing to carry out gas work must be registered with them.

Each area of gas safe work is considered seperate from another area, so someone qualified to work on your cooker might not be allowed to work on your gas fire.

This is why it is important to know which areas of gas safe work we here at the cookershop do.




The two main categories of gas work are Commercial and Domestic, we at the cookershop do both, and there are two types of gas, LPG and NAT Gas and again we are carded for both.

When choosing an engineer you must ensure that he/she is qualified to work on your appliance and in the type of gas you are using. 





Domestic work.





Examples of domestic gas safe work are things like servicing gas or dual-fuel cookers, fitting gas fires, landlord gas safety checks,

annual maintainence on gas central heating boilers and much more. This is the list of the domestic qualifications held by one of our enginners. 




Commercial Work



Examples of commercial work are similar to the domestic except in restauraunts or takeaways.

We have a lot of experience in working with chinese wok cookers and regularily repair and maintain them.

We perform gas conversions to change a previously LPG kitchen to run on Nat Gas (Firmus, Phoenix Gas) and can convert all the appliances.

These jobs are mostly carried out in a single day to ensure minimum disruptiion to the business.

Another area of work is the health and safety gas inspection required by law, we regularily bring up to date older establishments,

fitting interlocks and bash buttons etc and can retro fit safety thermocouples to older appliances

therefore saving the customer from the expense of having to buy new.  








Here at The Cookershop we have years of experience in many different areas of gas service and engineering.

We have been at this location for many years and in Lurgan for over 60.

Over that time we have built up a reputation for quality work and reasonable prices.

Finding a tradesman can sometimes be risky but here at The Cookershop you will always know how to reach us and you know we are not going to disapear.


If you would like to know more either CONTACT US  or send us an email: or give us a call: 028 3832 2708 or drop in. Qutoations are free.